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why Dangoo?

Our vision—to be one of the world’s leading green lighting enterprises

Our mission—to provide innovative green lighting products and excellent service continue to create value for customers

Our culture—Respect: we respect the customer’s valuable advice and deem it as the goal of excellence in innovation; we respect the idea of employees, and provide betterworking environment and smooth promotion channel

Self-discipline: humane management style, aiming to create a new self- discipline mode of employees, as if they were just working at home

Responsibility: we advocate the staff to take responsibility for their work, their own, the family, and the company

Our requirements

If you have a brave and innovative brain

If you are full of entrepreneurial work passion

If you can withstand the pressures and challenges in complex environment

If you have experience in the LED lighting industry, or are quite interested in it

We can provide

All new and open office, as well as home design concept, which is committed to providing employees with a comfortable and healthy working environment

Flexible working hours and sites, allowing employees to work at any time and place and take full advantage of reasonable time

Communicate regularly with employees to help with their career planning and training courses to realize co-development of enterprise and employees

Perfect social welfare and commercial insurance which shows care and provides a sense of security for staffs on business trips

Diversified and humane corporate atmosphere, as we firmly believe that an inclusive environment of gender balance brings sustainable positive energy for development of the enterprise in a long run