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A Bulletin of Glad Tidings | Dangoo Electronics won the First

  • The evening of October 30, 2017 observed the grand opening of the award ceremony of the 2017 China International Lighting Design Competition jointly hosted by China Association of Lighting Industry and Guzhen People's Government in Guzhen, Zhong Shan— “World’s Light Capital”.

    People from all levels of government agencies, production companies and the representatives of the award-winning unit, totaling a number of over a thousand, have attended the ceremony to witness the results of the design competition in union. Dangoo Electronics was honored to stand out from the thousands of works to obtain the exceptional First Prize for Functional Category!

    On the ceremony, Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Association of Lighting Industry and Liu Jianhui, secretary of the Gu Zhen Communist Party Committee, made speeches respectively, in whichPresident Chen introduced the basic situation of the design competition this year and put forward expectations for its future development.

    Strict Selection Comprehensive Assessment with Emphasis on the Integration of Practicality and Appearance

  • China International Lighting Design Competition has been successfully held for six sessions and has also been widely recognized among lighting enterprises and institutions. It has already become a normal activity with considerable reputation in the industry that has played a positive role in the promotion of the development of original design of lighting products in China. The purpose of the competition is to build the platform for industry talents to show their ability, to improve the capability of independent innovation of China's lighting design and to cultivate the international brand of China’s lighting product design.

    The lighting design competition this year has collected 770 pieces of works from lighting enterprises and institutions.

    These works have undergone strict and careful assessment from 7 authorities in the industry (executive Chairman of China Association of Lighting Industry—Liu Sheng Ping, professor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Tong Ji University—Hao Luo Xi, associate professor of Academy of Arts & Design in Tsinghua University—Tang Lin Tao, professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts—Lin Hong, associate professor of Jiangnan University School of Design—Yu Fan, National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center—Doctor Zhuang Xiaobo and Zhong Shan Lighting Intellectual Property Rights Quick Protection Center—Lin Hui Zhen).

    For the finale award, through layers of screening, the “LED Linear Light” of Dangoo Electronics broke through the encirclement of other products and finally won the First Prize for Functional Category.

  • (Chairman Chen Yansheng award the certificate and medal to
    the winner of the First Prize for Functional
    Category-- the “LED Linear Light” of Dangoo Electronics.)

  • (The encouragement oaf honor is only for Dangoo to move forward better)

  • Expert Reviews:

    This lighting adopted the varied and flexible modeling design of foldable wings on both sides, capable of achieving three different lighting angles and is suitable for office, commercial and other lighting situations. It can be installed by hanging or ceiling, and can be applied in combination with multiple lighting devices. Its high penetrating rate, pure black color, sculpted lines, good light distribution design and excellent manual control effect help ensure its bright market prospect.

    Prize-winning Work:(LED Linear Light; author of originality: Ji Jianhui,Zhou Liubin)

  • Design Concept:

    Since its establishment, Dangoo Electronics has always been at the cutting-edge position of the development of LED as one of the top 10 exporters of LED to America. Dangoo Electronics has always been adhering to the intention of originality of the lighting competition--the prize-winning “LED Linear Light” possesses its own original patent as well.

    This product is used in indoor residential as well as commercial lighting, the concisely-designed model with foldable wings on both sides, matched with its practical functions—capable of achieving three different lighting angles by folding the wings on both sides so as to adapt to different environments—making this product applicable to the North American market.<

    Wherever the light exists, Dangoo Electronics shall proceed following its guidance while upholding originality. Looking forward, Dangoo Electronics will inherit the honor and continue to pursue for more, creating better works for the service of millions of families!