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Shanghai Dangoo Electronics, Ltd. was founded in 2007. Since its inception, Dangoo has been focusing on ODM services for customers in Europe, Asia and the USA. Since 2010, the company has seen a rapid growth applying LED technology to the lighting products that Dangoo designs. By the end of 2017, Dangoo has produced over 107 million high quality LED bulbs.

In 2016, Dangoo was acquired by a US - based investment group, Katerra Inc. Katerra’s focus is on managing the supply chain for the construction and refurbishment of affordable, multi-family homes. Katerra has  a vertically - integrated supply chain and is revolutionizing the construction industry. Dangoo plays a pivotal role in this mission by developing and bringing to market new and innovative lighting products.

Dangoo has a dedicated installed capacity of 8 million pieces per month in a state - of - the - art facility in the heartland of the No. 1 Chinese lighting province, Zhejiang.

Dangoo is consistently in the top 6 Chinese suppliers of LED products to the North American market.