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  • Innovation Support

    At Dangoo, we continued develop novel products, with more than 100 patents now. To keep developing leading-edge product, we manage it in a systematic way. And its support by Quality Management based on a set of fundamental principles, divide them into five stages to make it.
  • Concept stage

    Design stage, this stage we set specifications, and output concept sample. Decide based on market parameters go/no go and make investment plan
  • Engineering

    Target specifications set, engineering start, preparing samples EVT/DVT, BOM list
    performance test, tooling, electrical engineering, packaging preparation (die-lines & structure)
    supplier selection
  • Pre-production

    Production test run,manufacturing specification,final BOM,certification testing (internal & external) production sample verification
  • Production

    BOM fixed, standard production,Cost management in factory,Efficiency improvement,develop
    options for BOM cost reduction
  • End of life

    Calculate last buy components,final production plan, clear inventory parts, maintain product