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  • Phase I - Concept

    Once the initial idea/concept has been communicated from the customer, we will benchmark and conduct a feasibility analysis, then complete a 3D model/rendering. 

    Phase II - Design & Engineering

    Our engineering teams will complete the mechanical, electrical, optical and photometric design. Designs will optimize thermal management to increase the life of integrated drivers. We will mock-up and test prototypes and receive approval from the customer. Our packaging design team will create protective carton designs that include the required safety, regulatory and marketing information

  • Phase III - Tooling

    Our experienced partners are experts in creating tools for a number of processes & materials including:
    die cast aluminum, stamping and punching, plastic injection molding, extrusion blow molding, andthermoforming.

    Phase IV - Testing & Certification

    We have on-site UL-qualified testing labs that are certified by CNAS and Norway NEMKO. Reports issued can be accepted in 47 countries and more than 100 testing organizations.

Phase V - Production

Begin mass production and prepare for first shipment.